Derby County – For The Fans

This site gives an unofficial view of Derby County.

All the views of players and the team are my personal opinions and opinions from different fans.

This site will give opinions on current players, youth players and the team and goings on around Pride Park.

There is plenty for the fans to enjoy and hopefully this site will catch on and become quite successful and popular with fans far and wide.

Enjoy the site and give your opinions.


7 Responses to “Derby County – For The Fans”

  1. Tony Moore Says:

    Ryan, a few points:

    Title: Move away from LHS slightly, use different font or smaller size of current font for ‘For The Fans’.

    Several spelling/grammatical mistakes, up to you whether you feel it necessary to correct.

    Keep at it lad, practice makes perfect, I’m sure the lads from S.S.A. will pass more useful comments.

  2. Tony Moore Says:

    Oh and why didn’t you use a picture featuring the WHITE strip?

  3. Trev Says:

    Looks impressive for a first attempt, young man. I know nothing about web design, so can`t offer any advice, but I will offer encouragement. Keep at it Ry, and I hope it gets the appreciation it deserves

  4. opus dei Says:

    bless u my child…

    keep at it.

    u need to get some feature writers.

    i will post you a Norwich review when i return

    yours in the lord


  5. Daz Says:

    You could incorporate RSS feeds from the main Rams sites.

    Just a thought.

  6. Niels Says:

    You’ve got a link at now 😉
    Cheers, Niels

  7. Sammy Says:

    nice site you got going on 😀
    keep it up

    and last but not least up the Rams 😛 x

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